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I enjoy writing about Politics and Current events: Below, you’ll find articles on Ronald Reagan, Brexit, Climate Change, the Education System and more. Enjoy!

A Vision and Plan for Human Civilization on Mars

In my view, it is absolutely vital that humanity ventures to mars, and sets up permanent civilizations on it, as soon as possible. A much larger proportion of our time, energy, resources and attention must be directed towards this. We have spent so long thinking and debating about whether we should do this, that we have lost focus on actually doing it. My reasoning is as follows: Humanity has always sought to explore and expand its scope and scale, and to broaden its horizons. I believe the best future for humanity is one where we are interstellar – a galactic species exploring all over the cosmos and uncovering deeper and more fundamental truths about the universe. The first step towards this is Mars.

The Critics and The Doers: The fight for progress and a better tomorrow

There are those who look at something wrong in the world – a broken system, a failed idea – and stand on the sidelines criticizing it. This is the easiest way to garner social media attention, popularity, and praise – but it does absolutely nothing to solve the problem. In fact, in many cases, it makes solving the problem harder. This is the easy way out. Then, there are the doers – those who see the same fault in the world, but instead of complaining about it and then doing nothing else, they seek to find solutions and implement them. They think of better ways, new methods of thinking, creating new services and ideas – this takes much, much longer, requires patience and perseverance, and will not gain you praise in the short term. But. It will be much better for the world – it will solve the issue. That is not to say that activism, or calling out an injustice, is not valuable – far from it. It can educate the public, and make the issue get noticed for a doer in search of a job. But it is not a substitute for creating change. Progress is achieved by finding solutions and working to make them a reality. I implore everyone to, when they see a problem, be the doer, not the critic.

The Moon Landing: What it meant for Science, America and Humanity

On the 20th of July 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module and it’s two passengers, Commander Neil Armstrong and module pilot Buzz Aldrin, successfully landed on the surface of the moon. This unprecedented achievement was the result of a decade of intense effort by the United States of America, at a time of political turmoil, racial tension and global conflict: an effort which involved not just the scientists at NASA, but every American, and brought a fractured and divided nation together through a renewed sense of patriotism, exceptionalism and common purpose. Humans landing on the moon represented a fundamental shift in how we as a people started to view ourselves and was the grand peak of a two-decade long Space Race with the USSR – part of a bitter cold war which only concluded in 1991. However, the question of whether this ‘giant leap for mankind’ was of real lasting value and significance is still up for debate.

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