Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator (Speech Version)

17 June 2019 An analysis of his finest speeches, and what made him such an effective orator Transcript: The 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, will go down in history as a truly great speaker, who inspired and mobilised an entire generation, and who uplifted a nation’s morale, even when his country wasContinue reading “Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator (Speech Version)”

Down the Garden Path: Why nothing gets done on Climate Change

Governments, Corporations, and Activists are all equally to blame for the impasse on Climate Change. All 3 pretend to want to help, but instead, they lead us down the garden path and stop anything from being done.

Debating Competition 2019: ‘This House Believes we should talk a little less, and do rather more’

Mr Chairman, Madam Vice Chairman, Members of the House. Above all, this motion is about the value of debating.