BIG TECH: The founding, leadership and influence of the tech giants that shape the world | Part 1: History, Founding and Industries

Tech Giants, or Big Tech Companies, have become the world’s most powerful and influential Corporations – with Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft becoming the most valuable public companies in history.

Down the Garden Path: Why nothing gets done on Climate Change

Governments, Corporations, and Activists are all equally to blame for the impasse on Climate Change. All 3 pretend to want to help, but instead, they lead us down the garden path and stop anything from being done.

Debating Competition 2019: ‘This House Believes we should talk a little less, and do rather more’

Mr Chairman, Madam Vice Chairman, Members of the House. Above all, this motion is about the value of debating.

In Defence of the Education System: Its hidden value and how to make the most of it

Who are the most successful people in life? What links the people who have really made something of themselves – the happiest, the richest, the most content?

Is the UK really part of Europe? An analysis of Brexit, Culture, Politics, Language and Geography

In June of 2016, the United Kingdom’s citizens, as well as Irish and Commonwealth citizens living in the United Kingdom, voted to exit the European Union, by the slim margin of 51.9% to 48.1%.

The Moon Landing: What it meant for Science, America and Humanity

On the 20th of July 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module and it’s two passengers, Commander Neil Armstrong and module pilot Buzz Aldrin, successfully landed on the surface of the moon. This unprecedented achievement was the result of a decade of intense effort by the United States of America, at a time of political turmoil, racial tension and global conflict: an effort which involved not just the scientists at NASA, but every American, and brought a fractured and divided nation together through a renewed sense of patriotism, exceptionalism and common purpose. Humans landing on the moon represented a fundamental shift in how we as a people started to view ourselves and was the grand peak of a two-decade long Space Race with the USSR – part of a bitter cold war which only concluded in 1991. However, the question of whether this ‘giant leap for mankind’ was of real lasting value and significance is still up for debate.