Below are articles I’ve written about Science, Space, Technology, Economics, Current events and Industry.

Olympus Falls

I am equal parts furious and heartbroken tonight, after seeing the events that have just taken place.

The Moon Landing: What it meant for Science, America and Humanity

On the 20th of July 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module and it’s two passengers, Commander Neil Armstrong and module pilot Buzz Aldrin, successfully landed on the surface of the moon. This unprecedented achievement was the result of a decade of intense effort by the United States of America, at a time of political turmoil, racial tension and global conflict: an effort which involved not just the scientists at NASA, but every American, and brought a fractured and divided nation together through a renewed sense of patriotism, exceptionalism and common purpose. Humans landing on the moon represented a fundamental shift in how we as a people started to view ourselves and was the grand peak of a two-decade long Space Race with the USSR – part of a bitter cold war which only concluded in 1991. However, the question of whether this ‘giant leap for mankind’ was of real lasting value and significance is still up for debate.

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