Olympus Falls

I am equal parts furious and heartbroken tonight, after seeing the events that have just taken place.

I am furious because domestic terrorists stormed Washington DC and took hold of the United States Capitol. An army of them, carrying confederate and White Nationalist flags, took our congress. This is the type of thing that takes place in third world countries with despot dictators, and in collapsing failed states. This is the type of thing that the United States would invade somewhere over – that the UN would implement sanctions over. This is not what should be happening in the United States. These actions were the actions of terrorists. Not protestors, not even rioters, terrorists.

And I am heartbroken because this represents a failure of the country I love. Make no mistake: America failed today. American leaders right from the top are responsible for this – from a President who spurred this on by telling the crowd to ‘fight like hell’, then later telling them ‘I love you’ in a video message after they took our capitol, to senior Senators who sympathised with their cause and decided to ally themselves to it for political gain, to unregulated companies who allow planning of this bile to go unregulated and spread like wildfire – in order to generate more advertisement revenue. America failed on all fronts today, and I am deeply disappointed.

These terrorists had the capital for HOURS. The police took selfies with them and observed as they gained ground, and the Commander in Chief refused to send in the national guard – the Vice President had to do so instead. I am willing to bet anything that if 30,000 Muslims stormed the capitol, the Army would be called in immediately – 50,000 foot-soldiers, tanks in the streets, shots fired, and the death penalty called for immediately for the traitors. Yet when white men take this action, so many in America, including the US President, sympathised with them. It felt pity on them. What a fucking disgrace.

For years I have lived as an overseas American citizen, and for years I have seen America mocked and laughed at (the perception of America from abroad is not what most Americans think it is), but for years I argued back. I believe in the fundamental values that the United States stands for, and I always have – but or the first time, ever, I agree with America’s critics. The United States President is responsible for this act of domestic terrorism. Not only is he an accessory to this treason, but he aided and abetted it. Nearly half of the country believes in the cause that these terrorists stand for – that American democracy should be uprooted and that a man who lost an election by MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of votes should remain in power. Granted, not all would have committed these terrorist acts, but I can bet you that they cheered them on. And this all takes place during a debate over an objection to the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral college win. Where nearly 200 members of congress, including the house minority leader, sought to overturn the will of the people. These despicable leaders could have had the backbone to stand up and say ‘enough’. They could have stood for America, and told their supporters that they were wrong. They could have stood by the words that they swore into office with. But they did not. And terrorists took the capitol as a result.

In order for me, and certainly millions of others who are heartbroken that American democracy can shatter so easily, to feel somewhat secure that terrorism is not tacitly approved by the united states’ legislative and executive branches of government, there are a few actions that must take place starting immediately. And I am calling on the relevant leaders to carry out these actions for the sake of republic for which so many have fought and died for, and for the freedom that we enjoy because of their sacrifice.

  1. The 25th Amendment needs to be invoked by the Cabinet, and President Trump needs to be removed from office. Or, the House of Representatives must impeach President Trump, and the Senate must convict him – removing him from office. Trump encouraged and supported domestic terrorism against our Capitol, and then purposefully dithered and actively stopped action being taken against them, in order to further their cause. He then sympathised with them and told them ‘I love you’. I have never heard of a better case that someone committed treason.
  2. The FBI must open an investigation into President Trump’s actions – whether or not he encouraged this action by telling his people to ‘fight like hell’, whether his patently false tweets about election fraud were responsible for these actions, and whether he enabled this crisis of historic proportions by watching it unfold on TV for hours without saying anything decisive, and by holding up National Guard intervention.
  3. The members of the house and Senate who supported tearing up democracy and subverting the will of the people, by voting against Electoral College certification, and any member of congress who does not call this what it is – domestic terrorism – MUST be expelled from the house of Representatives. Traitors have NO PLACE in government. They can form their own nation, call it the Confederate States of America, and look to history to see how that will turn out.
  4. Any terrorist who either clashed with a police officer, or entered the US capitol, must be jailed for 10 years for treason. No exceptions.

This is a failure of our united states that cannot be overlooked or papered over. This must be addressed with decisive action now. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction – and this certainly tried to take freedom away. I need proof that the words written in the declaration of independence and the US constitution are not just empty words on a piece of ancient paper. But that they mean something more.

The division in the US is painful. There is no social fabric anymore in this nation, no national spirit, no sense of community. Political partisanship and tribalism have consumed it all.

End this. End this vitriol and make it clear that terrorism, insurrection and treason have no place in the United States. If our leaders will remain divided on partisan lines, then it is up to the citizenry to come together and draw our own lines: in the SAND. On what is and isn’t acceptable in this country. For the sake of the Republic.

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