Why we need a permanent colony on Mars

12th March 2020

Speaking Competition, 2.75-minute Time limit. Topic: Fast-track (Speakers free to interpret in any way)

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is absolutely imperative for the future of our species that we establish a permanent colony on Mars – and quickly.

Thomas Edison and the Lightbulb

Thomas Edison did not ask the world if it wanted to be lit up at night. He saw the potential for a brighter future for humanity, and he took the proactive, visionary step of inventing the lightbulb. People couldn’t imagine life with electricity then, but now we can’t imagine life without it.

Asteroid heading for Earth

But do you know what we can imagine? Not just imagine, but predict? Overpopulation. Catastrophic Natural Disasters. Nuclear or Biological conflict wiping out continents. We know of all that threatens our existence and our planet. Yet we refuse to take action before it becomes too late. We have to establish a colony on mars – and quickly.

Coronavirus outbreak: Live updates | Live Science

Most worrying is the threat of a pandemic. Just look at how unprepared the world is at dealing with Coronavirus, a disease with a death rate of less than 4%. The global economy grinds to a halt. What happens if in 10 years, there’s another virus, that spreads just as fast, but like Ebola has a death rate of 50%? What then?

Kennedy Moon Speech

Now, I know that it will be hard to get to mars. Even harder to remain there. But remember what our attitude was 50 years ago? ‘We choose to go to the moon, and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.’ What happened? The world came together in awe and aspiration as Neil Armstrong Landed on the moon. There was nothing we couldn’t do. The last 50 years have passed us by, and we cannot allow the next 50 to do the same. We are making strides forward –SpaceX and blue origin are making good progress, but change is not happening fast enough. We need to do more.

We have to fast track humanity’s exploration of Space, because we always have to have a plan B. The research has been done on this – the Science is in. This is an achievable, attainable goal. So what are we waiting for? The catastrophe to strike? We are the change that we seek. There is no more procrastination to be done. We have to be proactive – to pioneer a new future. We have to get this done now, and create new options for our existence, before we are all wiped out.

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