Down the Garden Path: Why nothing gets done on Climate Change

Feb 2020

Speaking Competition, 2-minute time limit. Topic: Down the Garden Path (Speakers free to interpret in any way)

Governments, Corporations, and Activists are all equally to blame for the impasse on Climate Change. All 3 pretend to want to help, but instead, they lead us down the garden path and stop anything from being done.

Greta Thunberg and Climate Protesters

The first group at fault is Activists. You either love them or you hate them – and that is the problem. The way we beat this issue is to bring people together, not divide them. Activist leaders are guilty, guilty of manipulating large swaths of the population into thinking that they’re helping. If you block someone from getting to work; stand on their train home, or scream at them on the street about the end of times, how do you think they’ll react? And the worst bit is the people who do this mean well. It’s well-intentioned, but this sort of hyperbole is part of the problem.

UN Climate Conference

People accuse the Government of being all talk, no action, and nowhere is that truer than with Climate Change. Oh, they love to talk. Let’s create a committee, let’s all convene for a summit, let’s all deliver rousing speeches at a conference – it’s easy. What’s hard is taking action. These virtue-signalling spectacles are all part of a gross public deception campaign: making us think that they care. They don’t. And it’s not just here: Industrial countries like China, and international Organizations like the EU and the UN, they’re guilty of this mass deception too.


I’ll tell you what we do need to solve this issue: Innovation – investment in Energy, Manufacturing and Transport systems that help the environment. And frankly, Activists aren’t going to do it, and the Government will never get around to it, so our hope lies with Corporations. There are a few companies, like Tesla, doing the right thing. But most companies just virtue-signal. Starbucks, the woke company of choice, has started selling paper straws: Useless, dissolving nuisances that are sold in plastic wrappers, so you can put them in your plastic cup. Oh, great job.

Unless we call out the Government, Companies, and Activists and we stop pretending to be powerless victims and take initiative, we’ll keep being lead down the garden path until there is no garden left. But there’s hope. And rebellions are built on hope. Thank you.

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